Friday, May 30, 2014

Ask Celtic KC

Shortly this blog space will be used for my Life coaching question and answer series.  Does anyone remember Dear Abby?  Come on, ask your parents if you don't remember.... I have been a life coach and healer for many years and have studied sociology and psychology and actually have a degree... I have done many things, been many places and now what to settle in a little and do some writing and help people out that have questions about love, life, home and career.  Questions and answer section will be free.  You can post a question to the blog and I will respond or you can email me at and I will post the question and response here in the blog space.  This is about getting help, advice and hopefully helping others that we come in contact on our path to self discovery.  I will add helpful advice, suggestions and most likely random thoughts so please check back often.
Peace and light

Celtic Fairies

We launched a new line of Celtic Attic Fairy Wishing and Fairy Garden kits.  They are on the website for sale.  Each is handmade and unique but all have the fairy wishing book that I wrote.  It gives you 3 great Irish fairies to choose from. Sprinkle your wishing dust and try to make contact with your fairy friends.  Great for kids, parties, events and for the adults like me that still want to see the fairies and magic in the world around them.  Shop now on the website -  Click on the link to the fairies or look under New Products.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Win a set of Shamrock Wine Glasses

We are offering two great wine glasses filled with candy and hand painted with Shamrocks to one lucky winner. We will be pulling 4 names at the end of June. 1 gift basket, 2 pendants and 1 set of shamrock wine glasses. We have decided to add this extra gift because everyone just loves these at the shows.  Visit our website and enter, contest is free to enter. Remember to check the box if you want to sign up for our monthly newsletter.