Friday, May 30, 2014

Ask Celtic KC

Shortly this blog space will be used for my Life coaching question and answer series.  Does anyone remember Dear Abby?  Come on, ask your parents if you don't remember.... I have been a life coach and healer for many years and have studied sociology and psychology and actually have a degree... I have done many things, been many places and now what to settle in a little and do some writing and help people out that have questions about love, life, home and career.  Questions and answer section will be free.  You can post a question to the blog and I will respond or you can email me at and I will post the question and response here in the blog space.  This is about getting help, advice and hopefully helping others that we come in contact on our path to self discovery.  I will add helpful advice, suggestions and most likely random thoughts so please check back often.
Peace and light

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