Tuesday, October 7, 2014

coffee coaching

Coffee Coaching by Celtic Attic

$25 special – half-hour session

Need a Life or Business Coach?  Not sure?

If your local, drop by the mall store in the Holister store Oct 18th until Jan 15th... Or you can email me to setup a date and time for your consultation. 

Not Local, I can do everything including sending you a VIRTUAL coffee...
I am affordable, reliable and knowledgeable.  I have a degree in Sociology and am a certified Paralegal and Life Coach. 

I have been a business owner for over 20 years.  I can help guide you, give advice and solve problems for your current business.  I can offer resources in computers, accounting, bookkeeping, employee relations and general business ethics. 

Don’t own a business?  Thinking about taking the plunge or want to know what is out there that you can do from home, just for fun or need to have as your major source of income?  I can help you brainstorm ideas, offer suggestions and even help you meet other people that have businesses that can offer you startup services.

Includes:              Cup of coffee (value Priceless)
                        Free PDF of A Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold Coaching book (value $9.95)
                        Free PDF of Celtic Attic Cookbook (Value $8.95)
                        Brochures, Literature and information on owning a business
                        Coaching Services

We can do classes via telephone or over FB or email.  Contact me now... kc@celticattic.com
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