Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy July! Who is celebrating a birthday or anniversary this month?
Celtic Attic Custom Wedding Candles
The big trends for Summer 2013
Happy Fourth Of July!
A checklist of 50 fun, summertime activities
Too hot to cook? Here are 10 no-cook dinners
Summer crafts for kids
Celtic Attic Shamrock Headband
It's National Blueberry Month - here are some blueberry recieps for inspiration
Fun activities for your kids to do this summer
What is your favorite no-cook summer recipe?
Celtic Attic Cookbook
The best swimsuits for all figures
Stay cool this summer without turning on the A/C
It's National Hot Dog Month -- what is your favorite way to eat hotdogs?
Have you taken a "break" from cable this summer? How's it going?
What is your favorite summer drink to help you stay cool?
Summer gardneing tips
Need some new sunglasses? Find which kind flatters your face shape
100 Ways To Conserve Water
Celtic Attic Irish Beer Soap
Will you have a kindegartener this year? How to calm their fears
It's National Ice Cream Month - what's your favorite flavor?
What book are you reading this summer?
Who's heading to BlogHer this weekend?
No cook summer recipes
How are you organizing your photos this summer? Are you making any photo books?
Working out when it's hot out? Here are some tips
Did you get too much sun? Here are some ways to relieve your sunburn
Celtic Attic Warrior Pendant
What has been your favoirte part of Summer so far?
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