Wednesday, June 5, 2013

July is National Ice Cream Month - what’s your favorite flavor?

It's not July yet, but it is national ice cream month and as soon as someone told me that, I went Whoo Hoo... Let's break out the ice cream maker and make all natural or not, chocolate or vanilla or mix it up or even better cookies and cream... yummy...  As you can tell I LOVE ice cream.  It takes me back to my childhood... sitting on the front lawn with the neighbor kids eating from bowls of strawberries and spooning ice cream from our cones off the ice cream truck.  I even had a nickname back then, Strawberry because my dear mum thought I was going to turn into one with all I ate.  I am shocked I still like them today.  Sometimes when you over do something you decide you don't like it later in life.  Not me, Strawberries and Ice cream forever!  Have a great summer and remember to eat ice cream, just a wee bit if you like and transform your life into a memory of childhood kites, kittens, trips to the park and ice cream from the ice cream truck eaten with your pals on the front lawn...
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