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38108_1394033968813_1171096158_30944430_5879532_n.jpg (80800 
bytes)Halloween Traditions Part 1 of 2


The Celts celebrated Halloween as Samhain, 'All Hallowtide' - the 'Feast 
of the Dead', when the dead revisited the mortal world. The celebration 
marked the end of summer and the start of the winter months.

During the eighth century the Catholic Church designated the first day 
of November as 'All Saints Day ('All Hallows') - a day of commemoration 
for those Saints that did not have a specific day of remembrance. The 
night before was known as 'All Hallows Eve' which, over time, became 
known as Halloween.

Here are the most notable Irish Halloween Traditions:

Colcannon for Dinner: Boiled Potato, Curly Kale (a cabbage) and raw 
Onions are provided as the traditional Irish Halloween dinner. Clean 
coins are wrapped in baking paper and placed in the potato for children 
to find and keep.

The Barnbrack Cake: The traditional Halloween cake in Ireland is the 
barnbrack which is a fruit bread. Each member of the family gets a 
slice. Great interest is taken in the outcome, as there is a piece of 
rag, a coin and a ring in each cake. If you get the rag then your 
financial future is doubtful. If you get the coin then you can look 
forward to a prosperous year. Getting the ring is a sure sign of 
impending romance or continued happiness.

The Ivy Leaf: Each member of the family places a perfect ivy leaf into a 
cup of water and it is then left undisturbed overnight. If, in the 
morning, a leaf is still perfect and has not developed any spots then 
the person who placed the leaf in the cup can be sure of 12 months 
health until the following Halloween. If not..... (C) Copyright


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