Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Top O' The Morning To All,
Ce'ad Mi'le Fa'ilte
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We are going to start to send out the newsletters every Wed from now on so that you know when to expect them and can read the recipes and travel hints as well as see our specials. 

We are still in the process of finishing the new website, but you can shop it now and browse the products that we have put online so far (only about 600 of 1400)… If you want to test the site for us and place an order we will be giving you 10% off plus we are running a discount on shipping as well.

Rest assured Celtic Attic is not being replaced, just updated and it will take another month or so to finish it up!  A Celtic Calling is going to be our shopping portal and have all the newsletters posted as well as happenings at our store and any book tours and book release information from herself, Kristin.

Halloween is almost upon us… We will be sending out the giveaway basket in just a few short weeks.  Halloween GIVEAWAY! We will be giving away a Spooky Basket! (Gift Basket includes - 2 Halloween coffee mugs, Irish or Scottish Tea, Irish Candy Treats bag! Value $50.00) Enter Now!  Anyone that enters now, will be put into the Halloween Giveaway drawing...

If you want to check out our happenings on our new face book Celtic Attic page, visit us and please like us! Please like us!

Our friend Josie V just opened up a Gift shop that we are calling Artist Alley Gifts.  So all your Favorite Celtic Attic goodies are now in the new store location along with a wide variety of other gifts and jewelry.  We have balloon baskets, gift baskets and so much more!  It is a Celtic Paradise.  We have just launched our line of Fairy Bath products.  Soon to be added to the website.  The store address is 408 Pacific Ave, Bremerton WA 98337.  For those that would love to visit and get your Celtic on, drop by Tues-Sat 11am-6PM.

What to know where Celtic Attic will be and what shows we will be selling at?  Visit our Happenings Page for more info.

Here is the deal of the month at the Celtic Attic.  The Celtic Attic Cookbook is now available for FREE in PDF format.  That's right, FREE.   We have decided to give you this gift so you can cook some of these great ideas for the upcoming holidays!  Email if you would like your free pdf copy of this book.

Interesting Halloween facts:
  1. Halloween is actually the night before where lanterns (Gaelic: samhnag), Hallowfires and such are supposed to scare the souls that will emerge at midnight, away from your house. Samhuinn is also used in Gaelic for the entire month of November. The name "Samhain" entered Canadian folklore as "Sam Hain", the name of the guy doll which children would wheel round
  2. Halloween customs in Scotland these days consist chiefly of children going door-to-door "guising" (or "Galoshin" on the south bank of the lower Clyde) dressing up and offering entertainment of various sorts in return for gifts. The Witchcraft Act of 1735 contained a clause preventing the consumption of pork and pastry comestibles on Halloween although these days sausage rolls seem to a popular treat for children - the act was repealed in the 1950s.
    1. The children are invariably dressed up as something supernatural or spooky and the entertainment usually consists of singing, telling a poem or joke etc. They don't 'trick' you if you do not give, as in America. However, after the showing of ET in the early 80s, the influence of American "trick or treating" seems to have become more prevalent at least in England. Hollowed out turnips with candles in them are sometimes displayed or carried. Note that many children in America do not 'trick' either.
    2. Halloween parties often consisted of various games, for instance 'Dooking fur aiples' where the children had to bite apples floating in a basin of water, once they had one by the teeth they could retrieve and obtain it. Sometimes flour would be sprinkled on the surface of the water.
    3. For younger children a more modern game is 'Forkin fur aiples', an easier task, where the children stood on a chair and held a fork handle in their teeth, taking aim, they would release it into the basin of apples and water and retrieve and keep any apple they so skewered. Another game was 'treacle scones' where children had to eat a scone covered in treacle hanging on a piece of string.
    4. One custom associated with Halloween in the Western Isles was to put two large nuts in the fire. These were supposed to represent yourself and your intended spouse. If the nuts jumped together when they warmed up then this was deemed to be a good omen, but if they jumped apart then it was time to look for someone else!
Cookie Spiders:
Take your favorite cookie recipe and bake or use ready made rolls from the Market, or you can even buy them at Costco if you are out of time.  Purchase Betty Crocker Decorating Icing in White and Black.  Take the White Frosting and spray to make a web on the cookie.  Use a raisin for the spider body and place it in the middle of the web.  Now add black frosting to the raisin edges of the raisin to form the legs.  Spider Cookies!

All Sales Items are now at least 50% off, so order now for all your holiday shopping needs. We created a page with all the new items we are discontinuing from our product line. We don't usually do this, but they are taking up space in the warehouse. Our overstock is your pocketbooks gain.

Celtic Wedding! Add a Celtic Flavor to your Wedding.

Great Personalized Gifts for your shopping pleasure.

As Always, Peace

Kristin and the staff at the Celtic Attic
408 Pacific Ave
Bremerton, WA 98337
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