Tuesday, November 19, 2013

KC’s Coffee Coaching

Coffee Coaching…

I have combined two things that I love – Coffee and Coaching.

Ever wanted to hire a life coach or a mentor?  Need someone to chat with, bounce ideas off of or help with your small business. $20 per hour flat rate fee for our services.  There are no hidden fees.  In Person, via Skype, Phone or via Email, the choice is yours.  Plus 5 email follow-up questions with each coaching session.

KC’s Coffee Coaching is affordable coaching.  Can’t afford coaching?  Give up your coffee to pay for it.  Really just 4 $5.00 coffees per week or every other week gets you an hour coaching session and email follow-ups.  What is your business, life, love and time worth?  A cup of coffee…

Can you afford coaching without giving up your daily coffee?  Why not donate a cup to our $5.00 cup scholarship program and give a woman a free life or small business coaching session.

More details email Kc@celticattic.com
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